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Kim "Loopy" Pak

Kim, A.K.A "Loopy Pak", joined our team back  in 2013 and is our "go-to" girl on anything backpacking!

When she's not hiking one of the worlds top ten most dangerous trails (The Kalalau Trail in Hawaii),  she's working on her undergrad at Columbus State University (oh, and planning her next big hike)! 

Kim's hiked the Appalachian Trail, and has started planning for  the Pacific Crest Trail and eventually, the Continental Divide in the future. After hiking all three trails, she'll be awarded the "Triple Crown" of Hiking in America.

Go Kim! 

Meet Daniel! Our climbing specialist!

Between traditional climbing, bouldering and sport climbing, Daniel enjoys bouldering the most! He actually assisted in the construction of  the "Treadstone Climbing Gym", a local rock climbing facility right here in Columbus! 

From equipment and gear, to indoor and outdoor places, no doubt Daniel will be able to help you, so that you may climb with confidence at your next adventure!

Daniel Woodward

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